Sunday, September 18, 2011

Cambridge Film Festival 2011, Day 2

This day was a bit a more relaxed.

17:30: Mumbai Charlie - a funny half-hour film about a young business man from Mumbai who rediscovers himself when he meets the Charlie Circle, a group of people who worship Charlie Chaplin. Warm recommendation, regardless if you like Chaplin or not. Q+A with director and crew afterwards

18:30: Interview with Deepak Verma - writer, director of Mumbai Charlie. Interview will be uploaded at a later moment.

22:30: Don't Be Afraid of the Dark - horror film written and produced by Guillermo del Toro, with Katie Holmes and Guy Pearce. A blatant disregard for horror conventions, the film is full nicely executed jump scares, though lacks some deeper horror qualities due to exposing the monsters from the very beginning. At points it felt funny, or like a scary version of "The Borrowers". It was intense throughout, and genuinely frightening at moments, but it didn't get under my skin as other classic horror films did and didn't really stay with me afterwards. Recommended none the less.
(recenzie in romana la un moment dat)

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