Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Autoreclama: De ce am o problema personala cu noul film a lui Justin Timberlake

Unii dintre voi s-ar putea sa stiti ca eu mai am un blog, primul meu blog, care e de natura personal-aleatorie, si ca acesta a fost inchis un an si ceva pentru ca nu prea mai vedeam scopul din moment ce postam foarte rar.
Din motive inexistente am decis sa-l redeschid, si pentru ca prima postare e legata de subiectul filmului (si pentru ca am o disperata nevoie de reclama) il semi-repostez si aici.

How Justin Timberlake screwed me over

Ok, it wasn't Justin Timberlake, his only the main actor in the film which stole my idea, but hey, I gotta attract readers somehow, and how many of you tabloid consuming, product purchasing cretins know who Andrew Niccol is?
Well, he is the director of such films as "Gattaca" (and others I'm sure) and director and co-director of a Science Fiction film called "In Time" featuring Justin Timberlake and Amanda Seyfried. But will get back to that later.

About 5-6 years ago, on one of those occasions in which life bores me to tears (yawning tears) I started constructed a fantasy world; I tried to conceptualize what the World would look like if people were immortal, and I soon realized that for such a society to function properly some form of severe population control needed to be put in order, otherwise people would just live forever and multiply until there is no more room or resources on Earth. My solution was a timer which would let people live only a period of time, in this case people would die after a certain number of heartbeats.
I like the concept and decided that one day I will turn it into some form of fiction. Now, I'm a lazy little fuck, and won't scratch my nose without an outside force putting pressure on me to do it, so it wasn't until March 2010, when I had a short story module and we were analyzing SF, that I actually wrote down the first version of the story based on the concept I made up. And here it is:

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