Friday, July 30, 2010

The A-Team (2010)

I'm sorry, but I really need to start this review this way

...simply because the movie a) did not play it enough, b) only played the first part of it (which admittedly is the only part worth listening to, but still), not even during the end credits.

But aside from that, there is not much I could criticize. It's a pretty good movie, provided your expectations are low enough.
I mean really, do you remember the show, it was camp, and silly, but it was fun to watch. Well, that's what the movie is, fun to watch, genuinely. Not in the "Oh my God, this is so bad it's actually funny" kind of way. There's some good punchlines, many over-the-over-the-top action scenes, which cannot help but find AWSM. There is a flying fucking tank, and you love it!

The reason behind this is because of the good transfer from TV screen to big screen. We had it before, "Charlie's Angels" and "Starsky and Hutch". I didn't see the second TV show, but I know that with "Charlie's Angels", they just kept the concept of three secret agent women, without keeping the characters, they put in some action sequences and some humour, and voila: nothing really special.

With "The A-Team" they managed to keep the characters as we remember them, which made the show successful in the first place. The four guys, the brain, the muscle, the suave guy and the looney. And the actors managed to catch their characters essence, especially Sharlto Copley (whom we last saw in "District 9" yelling "Fookin' Prawn!" every five minutes) is brilliant and funny as the crazy Murdock.

Don't expect a comedy, and don't expect a genuine action movie. Just expect a really funny (almost parodic) actionfilled film that doesn't really require using your brain (if you do, you will probably be too busy pointing the plotholes, which otherwise you won't notice thanks to the alert rhythm of explosions, fights and comedy). A film which had every reason to fail, and yet managed to entertain.

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